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EMacro remakes Emacs

If you are new to Emacs, I recommend installing cua.el keybinding library in your packages directory.

What is EMacro?

EMacro is a portable .emacs that configures itself.

To exploit the full power of Emacs and the similar XEmacs editing systems, you need to create & customize a file called .emacs in your HOME directory. EMacro saves you the effort of writing much lisp code, by asking you once, only a few questions, then builds this .emacs with sane defaults for you.

Reporting Problems and Bugs

First of all be sure to check the PROBLEMS file in your site's emacs directory. Also check the release_notes in this directory. If you can still not find answers to your questions then use the Bugs system at EMacro's project page to report problems. To help us track down the bugs faster please don't forget to include the following information:

  • Version of EMacro: C-h v emacro-version or see ~/emacs/Changelog
  • Version and Name of operating system   uname -a (on unix)
  • Version and whether Emacs or XEmacs   M-x version
  • Whether you are using X/Emacs in graphical or text mode
  • Try starting Emacs with emacs -debug-init
  • Copy the stack trace by enabling debugging with M-x debug-on-error

Download EMacro

Get EMacro22.tar.gz from here
or the most recent version from SourceForge.

This is a mirror of EMacro's home page.

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