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Useful sites

The following sites and pages (most of them are mentioned elsewhere on this site) came across while using Emacs or searching for customization info.
Most of you already know these sites, but nevertheless they are worth beeing mentioned if you are interested in Emacs.

A lot of people who provided their dotfile on the web also have provided more general Emacs pages. The notes sections of the dotfile entries on the pages concerning locally available .emacs files and links to the .emacs of other people contain more links to Emacs resources.

the Emacs pages at
This is a good starting point for all (GNU)Emacs related questions
GNU-Emacs for Win
Goeffs NT-Emacs FAQ
Having worked with Emacs on NT most of the time, this is one of my favourites, it handles nearly all topics of interest concerning Emacs on the M$ platform.
You'll find a lot of links to other sites and packages which are helpful.
XEmacs: The next generation of Emacs
A good starting point for all these XEmacs users.
Kampis XEmacs Corner
A bright light at the horizon for people looking for a german language introduction to XEmacs
All Emacs
The Emacs wiki
A wiki trying to collect the knowledge of the Emacs community to serve as a source of answers to all kind of questions concerning Emacs.
The ODP Emacs page
The ODP category for Emacs.
Emacs Lisp List
Sombody else stated: it's Emacs, so it has to be a list :)
A comprehensive list of Emacs packages (most of them are not part of the standard Emacs distributions).
The ODP Emacs Lisp page
The ODP category for Emacs Lisp.
The cc-mode home
Guess what :)
JDE homepage
This is a must if you are doing java development with Emacs.
The auctex package
TeXing with Emacs ? Give it a try, you won't regret it !
Emacs Goodies at
You'll find Python-mode there
The VM homepage
A very good alternative to rmail
Home of the MGO Team, the official maintainers of the Gnus FAQ. Provides a lot of stuff about the ultimate News and Mailreader for Emacs.
HTML Helper Mode
The major mode all these pages have been written with
The Insidious Big Brother Database
A contact management utility for use with Emacs.
Noah Friedmans Emacs Lisp
A collection of major and minor modes, user interface enhancements, and library routines for GNU Emacs and XEmacs.
Eric Ludlams contributions to Emacs
The newest versions of speedbar and the packages which are not yet part of the standard distribution. Some of them are needed to use the current jde release.

Finally a site which is not directly related to Emacs but it is one of my projects:

SharpFossil and WinFossil
A site providing a .NET library to use the the DVCS Fossil in .NET applications and a demo application providing a Windows GUI for Fossil.
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