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GNU Emacs for OS/2

A long time ago I developed for OS/2 and one of these days I was pointed to an editor named Emacs. I downloaded it (it was a pain these days, download a package like Emacs with a modem and 14400bps) and I loved it. Changing the job the first thing was to get Emacs for WinNT. Installing Linux one of the first things was to edit configurations with Emacs. My first contact was a deep impact :)

I ever wondered if the OS/2 port is still maintained and finally I saw a posting of Oliver Heidelbach on comp.emacs about him providing a page about OS/2 Emacs 20.6

Seeing these pages (it seems as if OS/2 and the port are still alive :)) ) I decided to provide one more source for the OS/2 Emacs files:
the core emacs files
the elisp source files
the compiled elisp files
all the rest
the EMX runtime 0.9d
gnuserv for OS/2 Emacs
The one and only shell

To get a complete environment, be sure to get all the files. It is also a good idea to check Olivers pages frequently, they are actively maintained :)

Have fun, all you OS/2 users.

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